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Correcting Credit Bureau Inaccuracies

National Recovery Corp is required by law to advise credit bureaus (Equifax and TransUnion) of any payments applied to your account.

If there is a discrepancy on your credit bureau, below are the links to the major consumer credit bureaus where you can dispute the item in question or request it be updated.


Equifax provides a fully automated process to help resolve any inaccuracies on your credit report.

Click here to correct an inaccuracy with Equifax


For items found on your TransUnion credit report, please click the below link and follow the steps required.

Click here to correct an inaccuracy TransUnion


Customer Reviews

  • "National Recovery Corporation has been amazing at helping us clear up accounts that are overdue. For sure will continue to use them and provide their information to other business' that run into issues for collections. "
    Naomi W.
  • "NRC has been great to work with.They are very prompt with their responses to questions and concerns. There rates are some of the best as well.  It is very easy to list clients with them as well. They have also been successful in recovering some of our money. I would recommend their services to other companies. Thank you! "
  • "Great team, very friendly and efficient."

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