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Correcting Credit Bureau Inaccuracies

National Recovery Corp is required by law to advise credit bureaus (Equifax and TransUnion) of any payments applied to your account.

If there is a discrepancy on your credit bureau, below are the links to the major consumer credit bureaus where you can dispute the item in question or request it be updated.


Equifax provides a fully automated process to help resolve any inaccuracies on your credit report.

Click here to correct an inaccuracy with Equifax


For items found on your TransUnion credit report, please click the below link and follow the steps required.

Click here to correct an inaccuracy TransUnion


Customer Reviews

  • "Works really well with my business and tries their best to follow up on the delinquent account. "
    Brandon W.
  • "I am very pleased with NRC. They have recovered some very old debts and the current clients have high results"
    Laurel B.
  • "This is a very professional team; attentive to individual business needs. This company provides regular updates and reports; so we can manage our collection process with ease. A Canadian company with the ability to offer recovery services anywhere in US & Canada. I would recommend them on any skip; they can track them down. We use National Recovery Corp. for all our 3rd party collection needs. Would recommend them for any business, big or small. They get results. "
    Randy B.

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