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Dormant debt is a term used to refer to a batch of debt that has been written off for a period of time or that has been previously listed with an agency in which the agency was unsuccessful. These accounts are typically older in nature and the volume or quantity of accounts is typically 250 or greater.

Please keep in mind that this type of collection is not for a one-off situation. Should you have an account or several which are a little older, this would fall under the commercial/consumer collections category.

Our unique business model was developed to increase revenue from existing files closed by first place agencies. A combination of products and services are used in this model including scoring, workflow standards, credit bureaus and triggers to maximize recoveries and monies for your bottom line.

If you have a bulk of accounts sitting uncollected at an agency currently, or a batch of written off debt, call us today to find out if you can take advantage of our Dormant Debt Campaign.

Please contact us for more information.

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Customer Reviews

  • "We use NRC Collections to recover over due accounts. They do a fantastic job. I highly recommend them. "
  • "NRC has made collecting outstanding accounts much easier for us. Great results in a timely fashion. Thank you! "
  • "This is a very professional team; attentive to individual business needs. This company provides regular updates and reports; so we can manage our collection process with ease. A Canadian company with the ability to offer recovery services anywhere in US & Canada. I would recommend them on any skip; they can track them down. We use National Recovery Corp. for all our 3rd party collection needs. Would recommend them for any business, big or small. They get results. "
    Randy B.

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