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Better technology produces better results.

National Recovery Corp has invested a great deal of time and capital into our systems and technology to accommodate the changing requirements of our clients from portfolio customization, individual work plans, client reporting and call recording all while providing superior results and service.

At our Cambridge Ontario headquarters, we are committed to using the latest state of the art technology including superior software, databases and equipment which allows us to effectively service each client,  and increase recoveries all while maintaining and upholding the security and privacy of our clients and their customers.

Some highlights of features and technology used at National Recovery Corp include the following:

  • Secure Data Network
  • Credit Bureau Reporting
  • Credit Scoring
  • Data Scrubbing
  • Call Recording
  • Dialers
  • Client Acknowledgements
  • Payment Notifications


No matter where you are in Canada, whether you are an existing client, or a new prospect, NRC is committed to using the latest reporting and listing capabilities. In addition, we are equipped to handle all types of electronic data imports and exports.

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Customer Reviews

  • "NRC is professional and offers extremely patient customer service."
  • "We have sent a number of our delinquent accounts to NRC and have been very please thus far."
    Michelle K.
  • "Our experience with NRC has been great from a company standpoint, always friendly and helpful with questions we've had. There were a couple lost accounts which is of course to be expected. The one "complaint" that was given by a few clients were the manerisms used to those in collections. On a personal side I agree that if they ignore our warnings and it gets to a point of being taken to collections then tough luck. However from a business stand point we do try our best to maintain relationships and avoid the opportunity for clients (past and present) to make possibly hurtful reviews of the company as a whole. "

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