Make A Payment

Make a Payment

Telephone, online or bank machine

If you are not set up for telephone or online banking, and you bank with one of the below financial institutions, please visit your home branch and a teller will be able to complete this transaction for you.

To pay your account, add National Recovery Corp as the bill payee (If outside of Ontario, be sure to change the province when searching for the payee). Your account number will be your NRC Account # (You may need to enter a "0" in front as some banks require 7 digit account numbers).

We are set up with the following financial institutions

Bank of Nova Scotia

Online banking: click here
Telephone banking: 1.800.267.1234


Online banking: click here
Telephone banking: 1.800.465.2422

Bank of Montreal

Online banking: click here
Telephone banking: 1.800.363.9992

TD Canada Trust

Online banking: click here
Telephone banking: 1.866.222.3456

Royal Bank

Online Banking: click here.
Telephone banking: 1.800.769.2555

Email Money Transfer


You will need to enter the secret question/answer below for security.

Question: What is my account number?
Answer: Your NRC account number.

Direct Deposit (Bank of Nova Scotia)

Bring cash or certified funds in to any Bank of Nova Scotia location to do a third party deposit. You will need to call our office prior to obtain our account information:

Phone: 1.519.623.4040
Toll-free: 1.877.476.4040

Mail (Check, Money Order, Certified Funds)

Please send mail to: National Recovery Corp (NRC)

1425 Bishop Street North, Unit 14. Cambridge Ontario. N1R 6J9 


Customer Reviews

  • "Like to congratulate you and your team on a job well done. Terrific team who are not only efficient and professional, but also a pleasure to deal with exemplary rate of success on our collection accounts. Keep up the great work."
  • "Our experience with NRC has been great from a company standpoint, always friendly and helpful with questions we've had. There were a couple lost accounts which is of course to be expected. The one "complaint" that was given by a few clients were the manerisms used to those in collections. On a personal side I agree that if they ignore our warnings and it gets to a point of being taken to collections then tough luck. However from a business stand point we do try our best to maintain relationships and avoid the opportunity for clients (past and present) to make possibly hurtful reviews of the company as a whole. "
  • "Holly is great to work with, information was timely and her response to questions is always friendly and courteous."
    Mike D.

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