Customer Warning Signs

Customer Warning Signs


Warning Signs from Your Customers

Do you have a customer who owes you money and you’re on the fence about listing it?
Below is a list of warning signs that you should call NRC for some assistance.

  1. Returned Mail - You have mailed invoices, statements and/or correspondence and the mail has been returned. This may also include undeliverable emails.
  2. Phone number(s) NIS – You have attempted to call the customer and the phone number is now not in service or temporarily disconnected.
  3. Returned cheque or closed bank account – You have deposited a cheque which has been returned NSF, stopped or account closed.
  4. Numerous broken promises – You have been promised that they are going to pay over and over again, yet you have not seen any money towards the account. This is nothing more than a stall tactic!
  5. Not returning your calls or emails – You have called, left messages, left voicemails, and emailed yet nobody is getting back to you. This is a clear sign that your customer is avoiding you, and the bill.
  6. Waiting on a receivable – You have been told that they are waiting on a receivable to come in prior to issuing you payment. This in most cases is a stall tactic.
  7. Blaming cheque run – You have been told that the invoice wasn’t received, it didn’t get entered into the accounting system, the cheque run just passed or the signing officer is away. These are red flags that you need to be aware of and be cautious about.
  8. Claiming they have no money – Playing the victim role. They continuously tell you that business is slow, no receivables are coming in, and that they are having cash flow issues, etc. You have provided them the service/product – time for them to pay up!
  9. Suddenly disputing the bill – Out of the blue you’ve now been told there is an issue with the service/product/invoice, etc. Sudden disputes are usually a smoke screen for a deeper issue and often nothing more than a stall tactic.
  10. Receptionist screening calls – Every time you call a business you’re being put through to voicemail or advised that the person you need to speak with is busy, away, on the phone, etc. Receptionists are often asked to be gatekeepers to avoid them having to deal with their creditors.
  11. Endless requests for documentation – The invoice is months old, you’ve mailed/emailed numerous invoices and statements, yet they continue to claim they haven’t received it, lost it, or require another copy. Don’t fall for their tactics, they’re stalling!
  12. Refusing to provide a date when the account will be paid – Often times customers will try and avoid the direct questions and simply state “it will be paid,” “I’ll pay it,” or “I’ll take care of it.” These are all great promises, however failing to provide dates of when or how is another example of them avoiding the issue.


If your account(s) is 60-90 days and you have checked off 3 or more of the above, it’s likely time to try a collection agency.

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