Who We Are

NRC Collection Cambridge


Who We Are


The NRC Pledge of Distinction

We commit to provide our client with the best possible service and results.

We pledge that each employee is committed to NRC and to the task at hand.

We vow to bring and maintain a positive attitude in the workplace.

We promise to follow the process and work standards on each file.

We guarantee to protect the best interest of our clients, employees and NRC at all times.


Management Team


3 Basic Foundations – Our “Motto”

Our business model is comprised of 3 basic foundations: Educate. Communicate. Negotiate.

Educate. National Recovery Corp believes that, first the client must be educated on best practices and the fundamentals of debt recovery. Then we must educate our client's customers on the importance of good credit and the consequences of non-payment of a debt.

Communicate. National Recovery Corp believes this is the foundation for any good relationship, whether it is with our clients or their customers. When you partner with NRC, we are committed to keeping in contact with you through regular communication. This will include regular reporting, and contact with your customer service representative. Communication will then occur between our collection representation and the individual and/or business placed in collections. Through communication, our team of dedicated professionals will attempt a mutual resolution to satisfy the account for all parties involved.

Negotiate. Our team of highly skilled collection specialists are an extension of our clients. We vow to negotiate the best possible deal on behalf of each and every one of our clients and to negotiate with their best interest at stake. Our team of collectors are educated and trained in conflict resolution and negotiation and will use these techniques to collect your outstanding accounts.


Customer Reviews

  • "I was having issues with clients who refused to pay their invoices. My friend Mark recommended NRC because he received great results from there collection service. I gave them a call and they recovered what was owed in just a month. I highly recommend them to anyone experiencing issues with payments. They work on a contingency plan so there was no risk. "
  • "Stephen and Jeremy and NRC were extremely helpful with obtaining my money. Within a week and a half, payment was received, I didn't have to lift a finger. Thanks again guys. "
    Michael T.
  • "Holly is great to work with, information was timely and her response to questions is always friendly and courteous."
    Mike D.

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