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Welcome to National Recovery Corp!

A leading edge, innovative and competitive contingency based collection agency located in Cambridge, Ontario specializing in the recovery of delinquent accounts. NRC is dedicated to becoming the Canadian industry leader in debt recovery through advanced collection techniques, hiring only highly skilled and competent staff to provide superior quality service to surpass the expectations of our clients and business partners. Our goal is to maximize revenue and cash flow of our clients, while ensuring that their brand name and reputation is upheld during the entire recovery cycle.
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Commercial Collections
Business to Business

Have you done business with, or provided service to another company who isn't paying you, stalling, or simply not returning your calls?

Our commercial collectors can help!

Our team of commercial collectors will help to resolve the delinquent account, therefore improving your cash flow, profitability and ultimately reducing costs or write offs.

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Consumer Collections
Retail Customers

Has a consumer who owes you money skipped out of town, stopped paying or made multiple promise to pay but hasn't?

Our team can help!

We are well versed and knowledgeable when it comes to consumer collections. Our collectors are trained in conflict resolution and negotiation to get your account resolved quickly!

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Dormant Debt
Volume based, written off or old accounts

Do you have a batch of accounts that were previously assigned with an agency that haven't been resolved? Or a batch of accounts that have been written off a few years back?

Our debtor rehabilitation techniques combined with our tested business model has been proven to be successful to increase revenue from existing files closed by a first assign agency.


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Our business model is comprised of 3 basic foundations


Educate. National Recovery Corp believes that first the client must be educated on best practices and the fundamentals of debt recovery. Then we must educate our client's customers on the importance of good credit and the consequences of non payment of a debt.

Communicate. National Recovery Corp believes this is the foundation for any good relationship, whether it is with our clients or their customers. When you partner with NRC, we are committed to keeping in contact with you through regular communication. This will include regular reporting, and contact with your customer service representative. Communication will then occur with the individual and/or business placed in collections. Through communication our team of dedicated professionals will attempt a mutual resolution to satisfy the account for all parties involved.

Negotiate. Our team of highly skilled collection specialists are an extension of our clients. We vow to negotiate the best possible deal on behalf of each and every one of our clients and to negotiate with their best interest at stake. Our team of collectors are educated and trained in conflict resolution and negotiation and will use these techniques to collect your outstanding accounts.