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Consumer Collections Canada

National Recovery Corp is well versed and knowledgeable when it comes to consumer collections in Canada. We offer vertical specialization across similar industries, national representation, customized programs, a full skip tracing department and highly trained, competent collection staff trained and educated in conflict resolution and negotiation. Our unique process built on tried and tested practices, combined with our investment in technology which has allowed us to remain competitive as we continue to flourish in the marketplace.

Our retail and consumer collectors and their experience with this type of collections are able to assess each account on its own merits and determine financial capacity and the likelihood of recovery.

At our Cambridge Ontario headquarters, the use of skip tracing and the latest tools and technology allow us to locate and track down individuals who are avoiding or who have skipped out on their bills. This is an integral part of the retail/consumer type of collections.

Credit bureau reporting is also a tool widely used for consumer debt recovery. National Recovery Corp is able to notate the individual's credit report with the unpaid debt which will likely affect their ability to obtain future credit without first resolving their outstanding debts.

Our goal is simple, we want to reduce your bad debts and write offs, while protecting profits and maximizing your revenue through increased recoveries. We work hard to be the best collection agency in Canada. We'd be happy to provide consumer collections references.

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Customer Reviews

  • "Our experience with NRC has been great from a company standpoint, always friendly and helpful with questions we've had. There were a couple lost accounts which is of course to be expected. The one "complaint" that was given by a few clients were the manerisms used to those in collections. On a personal side I agree that if they ignore our warnings and it gets to a point of being taken to collections then tough luck. However from a business stand point we do try our best to maintain relationships and avoid the opportunity for clients (past and present) to make possibly hurtful reviews of the company as a whole. "
  • "We use NRC Collections to recover over due accounts. They do a fantastic job. I highly recommend them. "
  • "Holly is great to work with, information was timely and her response to questions is always friendly and courteous."
    Mike D.

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