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National Recovery Corp is a fully licensed and bonded collection agency located in Cambridge Ontario specializing in accounts receivable management and debt recovery. NRC is committed to using unique collection philosophies combined with innovative collection strategies to become the industry leader which will allow us to flourish and capture the collection market.

National Recovery Corp is dedicated to becoming the Canadian industry leader in debt recovery through advanced collection techniques, hiring only highly skilled and competent staff to provide superior quality service to surpass the expectations of our clients and business partners.

Our diverse client base includes clients from industries such as financial, healthcare, government, lawn care, property management, construction, manufacturing and production, logistics, automotive and much more.

Unlike other collection agencies, National Recovery Corp does not observe rigid recovery formulas. We understand that each debtor circumstance is different just as every client's needs are different.

There are in fact, NO standards to represent the multiple facets of the recovery process.

A business development specialist will work with each client individually to develop a detailed and customized work place that will outline requirements, rates and expectations for your recovery needs.

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Customer Reviews

  • "easy dealing with customer service. Quick response. Great interaction "
  • "This is a very professional team; attentive to individual business needs. This company provides regular updates and reports; so we can manage our collection process with ease. A Canadian company with the ability to offer recovery services anywhere in US & Canada. I would recommend them on any skip; they can track them down. We use National Recovery Corp. for all our 3rd party collection needs. Would recommend them for any business, big or small. They get results. "
    Randy B.
  • "Staff is very professional, knowledgeable and courteous in their manner of business. I would highly recommend National Recovery Corp to any company who require a collection service and feel they will not be disappointed with their performance."

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