Who is NRC?

National Recovery Corp is a leading edge Canadian Collection Agency headquartered in Cambridge, Ontario.

What service(s) does NRC provide?

We provide full debt recovery solutions including third party collections, outsourcing and letter campaigns, skip tracing and legal services.

What makes NRC different from other collection agencies?

We offer a unique recovery philosophy, combined with innovative strategies that will enable NRC to provide our clients with exceptional results. Unlike other collection agencies, NRC does not observe rigid recovery formulas. We understand that each debtor circumstance is different, just as every clients needs are different.

How do I know you will do a good job?

Our team is comprised of industry professionals who are committed to achieving the highest level of standards and results.

What guarantee(s) do you give?

The only guarantee we can offer is that of effort, honesty, and commitment to the task at hand.

Why use NRC?

We are dedicated to providing quality service from our skilled collection specialists to meet your recovery needs.

How do I place an account for collections?

There are many different ways to place an account for collections including: email, fax, or use our submission form located on the Place An Account page.

If we give NRC accounts, how will you handle them so our name is not compromised?

We are committed to respecting your customers; therefore our recovery philosophies will not compromise your image, brand name or our business partnership.

How much will this cost?

National Recovery Corp maintains a 'No Collection, No Fee' policy. There are no upfront fees or charges, no binding contracts and no minimum number of placements.

How do we send accounts?

Accounts can be exported and sent via email in many forms including: Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word or PDF. You may also fax accounts directly to our office

I have received a letter from your company. What do I do?

We encourage you to contact our office and speak to a representative before the matter is escalated. Please have your account number ready when calling in.

How do I pay my account?

Please click here to visit our Make a Payment page.

Why can't I just make payments?

Once your account reaches collections, the full amount becomes due and payable. A short-term arrangement may be approved, only after a financial capacity assessment is completed. Contact a collection representative to determine if you qualify for a payment arrangement on your account.

What if I already paid the collection item in question?

In order to resolve the matter, we will need you to forward proof of payment to our office. This can include a receipt from a bank, a copy of a cheque (front and back) showing it has cleared, or a letter of release indicating it was paid.

What other sources of money are available to help me clear up this debt?

Many people in similar situations have received help from their financial institutions, family, friends, private lenders, RRSP's and GIC's, retirement savings, or advances for pay or holiday pay from employers.

I have an unpaid collection item from National Recovery Corp on my credit bureau. How can I get it off?

Contact our office immediately and we can assist you in having this removed. Providing your account is paid in full, a release letter will be issued to you stating your account has been satisfied.

If I don't pay my account, what will happen to my credit?

In many cases, the item will be reported as an unpaid third party collection item on your credit report. This will affect your credit score and potentially your borrowing power.


Customer Reviews

  • "Overall experience has been good. "
    Amy Q
  • "Like to congratulate you and your team on a job well done. Terrific team who are not only efficient and professional, but also a pleasure to deal with exemplary rate of success on our collection accounts. Keep up the great work."
  • "Very great with customer relations, my business has a delinquent account and although it hasn't been collect yet, their service is amazing."
    Brandon W.

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