National Legal Services (NLS)

Collection Specialists: Legal Action and Landlord and Tenant Collections. Ontario,  Canada

National Legal Services (NLS)

National Legal Services Ltd., a sister company of National Recovery Corp operates as an extension of our collection process. Litigation is often a last resort in the recovery cycle when all other opportunities for resolution have been exhausted. Once our collection representative has deemed that the account is not going to be resolved voluntarily, the file will be referred to NLS for review.

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Landlord and Tenant Collections

It is not uncommon for landlords to experience slow or non-paying tenants. Landlords may also be forced to go through the eviction process through the L&T Board.

Do you have a tribunal order and are unsure how to collect? We can help! Let us convert your tribunal order and begin the collection process for you.

Has your tenant damaged the property, leaving you with hefty repair bills? Small claims court may be an option. Call and speak with a legal representative to find out more.


Customer Reviews

  • "I am very happy with these guys. Stephen in sales is always available to help us. "
    James M.
  • "Very great with customer relations, my business has a delinquent account and although it hasn't been collect yet, their service is amazing."
    Brandon W.
  • "I was having issues with clients who refused to pay their invoices. My friend Mark recommended NRC because he received great results from there collection service. I gave them a call and they recovered what was owed in just a month. I highly recommend them to anyone experiencing issues with payments. They work on a contingency plan so there was no risk. "

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