Useful Tips


Useful Tips

Importance of listing early – don’t wait. Time is of the essence!

Statistics show that the longer an account is past due, the less likely the recovery. We urge clients to send in their past due accounts the moment they sense a problem. See our warning signs page for tips.

In addition to listing accounts for collection sooner, we also use the motto “Information is Power.” What we mean is, the more information you collect, the better the odds of recovery.

For commercial customers, we recommend that you get the proper company name, including operating and trade names. Also, contact names for both daily contacts and management/executives. We also suggest a combination of phone numbers and email addresses for contacts. If possible, a credit application before extending credit is always a good idea.

If you have consumer or retail customers, the same rule applies to getting as much information as possible. We suggest obtaining addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, date of birth, driver license, emergency contacts or secondary contacts, and references.


Customer Reviews

  • "I have had good experiences...however there is not enough communication in regards to accounts that you have deemed "uncollectable"  We had this happen with more than one account and were never notified that this was the situation."
  • "Staff repsonses quickly and are doing a great job in handling our older accounts and NRC has received all our new business"
  • "Staff is very professional, knowledgeable and courteous in their manner of business. I would highly recommend National Recovery Corp to any company who require a collection service and feel they will not be disappointed with their performance."

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