Canadian Collection Agencies: Why NRC


Canadian Collection Agencies: Why NRC


Whether you’re looking to hire a collection agency for the first time, or you are dissatisfied with your current agency, we understand that finding an agency may be a daunting task. There are numerous collection agencies across the country, but the quality and results can widely differ. We strongly recommend that you consider more than just the price or rates when making a selection.

National Recovery Corp (NRC) specializes in debt recovery across a multitude of industries. In addition, our dedicated team of seasoned industry professionals are trained in both conflict resolution and negotiation to achieve maximum results for our clients.

Why Partner with NRC?

  1. National Recovery Corp focuses solely on debt recovery. Our goal is to help recover your money as quickly as possible. Since we are a contingency based agency, it is in our best interest to quickly collect the account. 
  2. NRC is a licensed and bonded agency, and 100% compliant with applicable laws and regulations. 
  3. We offer regular reports and communication including assignment acknowledgements, payment notifications and inventory reports.
  4. Semi-monthly statements to help you get your money faster and to aid in improving your cash flow.
  5. Easy to understand reports and invoices available to you via email or fax.
  6. We work as an extension of your AR department, therefore will act in your best interest throughout the recovery process. 
  7. We vow to maintain and protect the brand name and reputation of each and every one of our clients.


If you are looking for a professional, results driven collection agency to help increase your revenue and decrease the amount of bad debt, then give NRC a call!

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Customer Reviews

  • "I must say I am very surprised at how fast NRC got results for our company . ( It was less than a month . ) We had been dealing with this customer for some time and never thought we would collect , but thought we would give NRC a try as a last hope and they came through with absolutely flying colors . We very highly recommend you give them a try no matter how much you think it will not work . We will absolutely use them and no one else for any future needs that may arise . "
    AL. B
  • "Our experience with NRC was as good as one can hope in such a situation. This was the first time we had to go through a collections agency and they made the process quick and painless. Payment was prompt, communications were professional and the process was very clearly laid out. If ever the need should arise again, we will likely return. "
    Bath Fitter Windsor
  • "This is a very professional team; attentive to individual business needs. This company provides regular updates and reports; so we can manage our collection process with ease. A Canadian company with the ability to offer recovery services anywhere in US & Canada. I would recommend them on any skip; they can track them down. We use National Recovery Corp. for all our 3rd party collection needs. Would recommend them for any business, big or small. They get results. "
    Randy B.

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